Tongee donates several thousand COVID-prevention items to help Zhejiang combat the pandemic

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On the morning of December 22, 2021, Ms. Shen Qiongfang, CHO of Tongee Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Tongee”) and a team of workers started early to check the items for donation to Shaoxing Health Commission for distribution to Shaoxing University Affiliated Hospital to help local anti-pandemic efforts. The items included 1,500 pieces of Tyvek Grade-5 protective clothing by DuPont and 200 pairs of protective goggles.


(Tongee CHO Shen Qiongfang inspecting aid items)


It is understood that it was the third occasion within a week on which Tongee had organized the delivery of aid items. Before this Tongee had donated over 8,000 items to Hangzhou Tianhe Hi-tech Park (where the company is situated) and Hangzhou Binjiang District Changhe Precinct, including protective clothing, protective mask, shoe cover, hand sanitizer, waterproof protective clothing and children’s mask. All of the items went a long way towards anti-pandemic efforts in Hangzhou.


(Person-in-charge of Hangzhou Binjiang District Changhe Precinct (left) receiving aid items)


It cannot be stressed enough that the on-again-off-again development of coronavirus pandemic in Hangzhou  has been casting worries over the people of Hangzhou during the past 12 months. A research-based innovative medical therapy enterprise based in Zhejiang, Tongee at once decided to mobilize its internal resources as soon as it was aware of new coronavirus infections in Zhejiang province. The company quickly ordered to formation of anti-pandemic public welfare team, one of its first tasks being to prepare the company’s aid items. The team took only a few days to prepare tens of thousand anti-pandemic aid items for donation to public authorities.


It was just another example of Tongee’s active participation in public welfare affairs in recent years. Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic became known the company donated significant amount of materials at the earliest moment to countries like Italy and Kuwait, in keeping with its image of a responsible enterprise in a major nation.


In the words of Tongee CHO Shen Qiongfang, the coronavirus pandemic affected all nations. It was at this time when people around the world should rally around to fight the pandemic. As a private enterprise in the medical industry, Tongee took upon itself as its corporate responsibility to active participate in public welfare endeavors to combat the pandemic. It is Tongee’s hope to inspire through its donations, other enterprises to showcase their care and serve the public. Tongee will continue to participate in other meaningful activities as part of its contribution to build a caring environment.