• 2016

    In August, Tongee was formally founded and R&D was initiated.

    In October, Tongee was shortlisted in the "5050 Plan" which was officially launched by Binjiang government and received a governmental financial support of 5 million yuan.

    In December, Tongee received investment from "Hangzhou Proxima Innovation Investment" and "Virtus Inspire Ventures".

  • 2017

    In March, a sample of the "Gastric Bypass Stent System" was successfully produced.

    In April, a 100,000-grade purification workshop of GMP standard with an area of 600 square meters was built.

  • 2018

    In May, Tongee received investments from "Shenzhen Dingxin Capital Management Co., Ltd." and "Virtus Inspire Ventures".

    In August, a sample of the "first Gastric Balloon" was successfully produced.

    In September, as a new technology for the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases, the clinical research on Gastric Bypass Stent in the treatment of obese non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases was approved, which was a "provincial key R&D project" jointly applied by Tongee, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

    In December, the scientific and clinical researches on the "Gastric Bypass Stent System" were initiated.

  • 2019

    In May, Tongee received an investment from "Shanghai Fang and Investment Center".

    In June, the "Gastric Bypass Stent System" submitted the bench test report.

  • 2020

    In August, the "Gastric Bypass Stent System" passed the "Special Approval Procedure on China's Innovative Medical Devices" of the NMPA Center for Medical Device Evaluation.

    In October, Tongee received an investment from "Ningbo JunJing Management Consulting ".

  • 2021

    In January, the registered clinical trial of "Gastric Bypass Stent System" was initiated.

    In March, the Gastric Bypass Stent was successfully implanted in the first subject of the registered clinical trial.

    In May, Tongee received investments from "Baidu Ventures" and "Everest Venture Capital".